This work of art is a sculpture created an finely crafted just to serve as stone marker of Barangay Poblacion, a barangay at the heart of the town of Angono, Rizal.  It is called Angnuno.  The old folks of the town believe that nuno sa punso  ( some kind of creatures beyond this world) existed, living underneath the soil where termites (anay) lives and reproduce. This nuno (Filipino term for old man from ancestry) guide them in their daily lives, protect their properties and livelihood, but can do them harm as well if their punso (soil house) will be destroyed by people.  So the legend says, the name Angono came from these words, Ang Nuno.


                            The talent, interest and love of Angono people are really inherent to them, be it Music, the great composer and conductor, Senor Lucio San Pedro, in Arts, the great painters,  Botong Francisco and Jose Blanco, who are legitimate sons of the town. Even the culture they preserve with their festivities and traditions is very rich.  Children at their young age are already molded to be an artist.

                        This sculpture within the compound of a residential place is an amazing structure which replicate that of the Statue of Liberty in New York.  This piece of sculpture art reflects not only the love for arts of the owner of the place but the freedom that the Angono folks found in the creating and exhibiting their works of art.


Created By: Hazelle Anne M. Estrabo