He is also known as "Patron of the Fishermen". Because of his deepest faith, the Lord enthroned him in the sea. That's why he was the patron in the town of Leigh wherein until now they maintain the tradition of seafaring . Just like in Angono, Rizal, fishing is one of the most particular bread and butter of all the people there, Maybe because of the abundance of fishes in their water forms. They believe that St. Clement has something to do with their source of income in fishing. As a matter of fact, November 23 is the feast day of St. Clement that's why it is also the town fiesta of Angono. St. Clement became Bishop of Rome third after St. Peter. Angono always credit St. Clement as the one who lifts up their desire of the abundance in fishing.Other beliefs states that, all journeys within the water are guided by st. clement. That's why he is also called as " Patron of the mariners", they offer prayers to St. Clement whenever they will travel in the seas.
               He was the First Apostolic Father of Church. In fact, He is also recognized as a saint by other religion or christian churches and community. Many adores and loves him so much, He is a true follower of Christ. He is the patron of the catholic parish of Metairie, Louisiana which is one of the 100 Great Catholic Parishes in the United States.
                Maybe, other superstitious beliefs being executed because of St. Clement is being done, but its not the reason of all the blessing that Angono, Rizal have. The truth is Saint Clement leads Angono and People of Angono through the right path of heaven since they chose him as the father of their town. 


Created By: Hazelle Anne M. Estrabo