Silver Perch ( Ayungin )

                               The silver Perch or ayungin  or in scientific term is Leiopotherapon plumbeus  is a medium size Filipino fish which is found on fresh waters. It costs 200 Php -500 Php, dried and 300 Php fresh. You can see that this is a little bit expensive than he other but you it will really boost your appetite. In Angono, it's not that expensive, but on the other towns it is. Fishermen prefers to use Hook and line when catching it because of their small mouths. It's kinda hard catching it because they're smaller than any other typical freshwater species. In wet markets in Angono, it's just an ordinary fish being eaten most of the time, it doesn't matter if there a lot of vendors selling it. But, in other nearby provinces people were very attracted with ayungin.

Being the most expensive fish in the Philippines because of its tasty flesh, tourist became interested to try it.  Most of the species were found in Taal Lake and Lagune de Bay. Female ar preferrably larger than the male ones, but regardless of the taste.
                                  You will really wonder why people keep on eating this idesspite of its smaller size, but when you ate it, it's already justifiable.  We have to take care of this kind of species, because it is one of our specialties in the country.   

Created By: Hazelle Anne M. Estrabo