Lucio San Pedro

                      Senyor Lucio San Pedro is a great musician, conductor and teacher. He was born February 11, 1913 in Angono, Rizal. Botong Francisco The Painter is his cousin. Maestro Lucio San Pedro have left a legacy in Angono, he really contributes a lot for the Angono, Rizal to be the center of arts.
He was the conductor  Peng Kong Grand Mason Concert Band, the San Pedro Band of Angono, who is formerly conducted by his father , and the Banda Angono Numero Uno. Through his works, techniques and talents shared in these two bands they improve and learn a lot in the field of music. Being the conductor of these two bands made him more inspired and devoted for music by seeing the outcome of his imparted talents.
             Elpidio San Pedro, father of Lucio San Pedro have done a great part of leading his son to the world of conducting and composing. But, Maestro himself find his heart loving music. He studied Conservatory of Music major in Composing and conducting at University of the Philippines Diliman. Remember that UP Conservatory is one of the flagship of UP Diliman, meaning Lucio San Pedro has an inborn talent and he is one of a kind.
He was given the title National Artist For Music in 1991. One of the greatest Compositon of Lucio San Pedro is " Ugoy ng Duyan" . It touches many people's heart especially the mother who really offer love, care and protection to their son and daughters. Lucio San Pedro not just compose a song bu the tries to create a more deeper sense in every lines he construct.  "Lahing Kayumanggi" was also a poem made by maestro. It express the way we have to love our country and to be proud that we are Filipinos.  He also won awards through his famous works.
             Maestro Lucio San Pedro's key to succes is not just because of his extraordinary talents but because of his drive to continue working with conviction and devotion. He called his composition " Creative Nationalism", he creates through his talents at the same time he always sees to it that he always comprises the heart of a good musician.

Created By: Hazelle Anne M. Estrabo