The History Background of Angono

The name angono according to the first migrants is from different legend which became a folk tale which until now is the belief of many people.

According to stories, Spaniards came to the mountainous part of the region where they found a 
nipa hut where fifty families are residing headed by Datu Biga.  The people call their leader “Ang Puno” o ‘Ang Uno”, which the Spaniards also adapted this name for the said place.  As time pass-by, the place was eventually called “Angono”.

Some people have different version as they call it “Anggo” at “No” because of the existence of many cows and carabaos in the place.
  Others call it “Ang Nuno” which refers to as an old man that lives in the Balite tree.  He happens to know everything about the place where residents or visitors would ask him any information.

By: Manalastas, Rowleth Mae R.