The one in the video is Michael Blanco son of Jose Blanco who is also a painter. He talks about his father's favoraite painting, Burning of Angono.
                                   According to Michael Blanco son of Jose Blanco  This painting is entitled, The Burning of Angono  which is one among the favorites and biggest painting of Jose Blanco. It was finished in almost two years.  The painting shows the emotional scene when the Angono folks were drove out of their town by the Japanese shoulders.  The town was burned by the Japanese and the people were driven crossing several towns in Rizal that headed towards Laguna where they are supposed to be killed if the Americans has not rescued them.  The painting depicts their grief and pain loosing some of their loved ones and leaving their properties. The said painting was used as the cover of the Coffee Table memorabilia of the Blanco paintings.

Created By: Hazelle Anne M. Estrabo