Historical Formation of Angono

Angono was first known as “visita” in 1575 where it is part of Pasig . After this, it was under Taguig, then Morong and lately it is Binangonan.

Angono as the visita of Binangonan in 1737 has 100 tribes or residents which was also recognized as the “ Pueblos de Bay y Binangonan con la estancia de Angono”. Based from the early datus, made from being visita, Angono became estancia and hacienda. Based still from the news, a Spanish General named Don Domingo de Ortero Bermudez bought a hacienda early 1745 but as time pass-by the owners are changing where it is called in a Torrens Title way.

Year 1757, Angono was made “capillana” but after fifteen years, Pueblo de Angono was made year 1766 under the Province of Laguna. After this, the name was replaced and it was under the authority of "Distrito delas Montes de San Mateo".

When the province of Rizal of Philippine Commission year 1901 through the Law of 137, Angono was counted and has been part of Binangonan. Law 942, Angono and Cainta has been part of Taytay which it is the center of the local government. November 1903 was the year where Taytay returned to the province of Binangonan. 

Through Executive Order 158 signed by President Manuel L. Quezon, Angono was made as a Municipal Office way back August 19, 1938. The said Law was formally implemented last January 1, 1939. 

Year 1972, through the Philppine Law 6469 and Executive Order 158, Angono was finally declared as a Municipal. 

By: Manalastas, Rowleth Mae R.