Mrs. Carminda "IDA" Calderon

Executive Coordinator
Integrated Development for Angono

The Municipal Government of Angono Rizal or MGAR's ascension to the rank of first class municipality encompasses a lot of things. For its constituents, such an achievement is but a benchmark for progress, i.e., more investors, additional job opportunities and, subsequently, an improvement in every household's per capita income. For the town's administrators specially to the government unit (LGU) is but tantamount to having extra challenges and a longer list of the things to be done and to be proiritized. 
As MGAR, (better known as the Art CApital of the Philippines), continues to develop, is the subsequent increment in domestic problems brought about by such development. An increase in the population and in the number of business establishments in a given locality only means a greater volume of garbage to collect, more garbage collectors to pay, additional garbage trucks to maintain and, the need to implement a better system of garbage collection and disposal. 
For Angono to overcome its present difficulties inherent in a developing economy, and for it to sustain its steady rise to progress, its leaders must be ingenious enough in tapping and maximizing the potentials of the civil soceity and the private sector, in order for them to be MGAR's partners in development. 


IDA is not an organization. It is a program for developement. It is in consonance and an answer to the calls embodied in the Millenium Development Goals or MDG. 
IDA is the brainchild of Mayor Calderon who is now his first term again (re-elected) of office. The idea behind the program is to make it function as a support mechanism to the Calderon Administration's developement is summarized by way of it's objectives presented below. 


To help Calderon Administration realize its development goals specially in the fields of youth and sports, women and child care, health and sanitation, social services, senior citizen's affairs, clean and green, peace and order, the plight of informal settlers and solid waste management. 
By: Manalastas, Rowleth Mae R.