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The municipality of Angono, Rizal is aiming to become the county's 'tourists' haven and artists 'paradise'. With its recently launched 2006-2010 Medium-Term Art Tourism Development Plan, a product of a first phase of the ILO/CIDA-supported Promoting Youth Employment through Art Tourism Project, Angono is progressively positioning itself to further develop its local tourism industry as a strategy to create sustainable emplyment opportunities for its citizens, most particularly for its vast pool of talented young visual and performing artists, and strengthen its art tourism enterprises. 

By: Manalastas, Rowleth Mae R. 

Angono's inevitable Legacy through the years

              Angono left legacy on its every year of existence as the Art Capital of the Philippines. People rooted here are the reason why Angono holds that title. They come up to an artist who offer their victories for their town and for the whole country. Lucio San Pedro as a conductor, express his greatest effort on conducting and by the time they won on international competitions, they were recognized by the whole world. Also, Angono somehow banishes the country's undesirable impressions. Every year of angono's different tradition leaves a legacy. Just like the town fiesta wherein the Parehadoras, who are dancing and wearing creative costumes were being televised and recognized because of their uniquness and talents. You can see some tourists from different countries joining the celebration of town fiesta in Angono as they find it as fun, creative and informative. Informative as its details have their own interpretations. Higantes ng Angono is also a favoraite. As a matter of fact, At first children run when it arrives ,but from time to time that they're used to see that so-called Higantes wearing different costumes they just enjoy it. Most of the years, Angono was always featured on television shows pertaining culture and traditions and others.
              This website encourages people to visit and explore Angono by promoting its natural strengths as a art capital town. As you take time exploring this site, you will prove the hear says that you have heard a lot of times about Angono.

Created by: Hazelle Anne M. Estrabo

Angono Rizal


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